Medusa Odyssey

Medusa Odyssey have created their distinctive & unique brand of electronic live performances. True musicians at heart, they create their own improvised music in their sets, producing it live with synthesizers, electric guitar, flutes, vocals and a drum machine. Both hailing from Argentina, Medusa Odyssey have now been living & working in Ibiza for many years. Their music, deep house with a melodic tribal feel, is heavily influenced by their South American roots. As their following continues to grow, during summer 2018 their live performances impressed audiences at parties throughout Ibiza including Woomoon & Storytellers in Cova Santa, Heart Factory and Do not sit on the furniture at Heart, ElRow at Space & Amnesia, Ethereal Festival and Namaste in Las Dalias, La Torre Hostel, Elements, Kumharas, Sunset Ashram and Beachouse. Also in his concept with Bahramji as a collaborator has participated in 2019 at Echo Waves festival in Georgia, Iris Beirut – Lebanon, Rich Mix in London and private events in Cyprus in addition to traveling soon to Dubai to participate in Blue Marlin and Iris Dubai. Their way of playing and experimenting with a fusion of electronic music with acoustic instruments has also seen them perform at festivals in Berlin, Moscow, Argentina, Barcelona, Madrid, Linz, Prague, Lithuania and India. Medusa Odyssey has released its track ‘Pahm’ on Nein Records in March 2019, and in September 2019 its track ‘Puna’ on Pipe & Pochet; New productions and collaborations with artists such as Themba, Bahramji and Kintar will be released soon. 

Davide Garra

David Garra is an Italian artist known for his residency in ibiza’s party scene. He’s taken the road of music to 360o, as a dj, guitarist, pianist and singer. His favorite sounds are deep, ambient, psychedelic techno genres that will take you away for a journey and a musical trip that will definitely remain engraved in the minds and very often personal moments, souls of the party crowd.

Founder of VISIONAIRE (ibiza underground movement)

A little community and events projected to growth of the underground music scene in ibiza.